Larabar – Product Review

I received some Lara Bars in exchange for a review on the blog. They even let me pick what flavors I wanted to try! I loved the ingredient list in these bars, but could they really be tasty????

The first one I tried was the Cherry Pie flavor.  The ingredients are cherries, dates, and almonds. That’s it! This one ended up being my favorite flavor of the four they sent me. The tart cherry flavor with a hint of sweet was amazing! I’d be willing to buy this flavor to keep in my purse for emergency hunger pangs, or to take when traveling. Delicious!

Coconut Cream PieThe Coconut Cream Pie was good, but it needs just a bit more coconut flavor to make it perfect for me. It somehow had a creamier flavor with a coconut aftertaste. I’m not sure where the creamy flavor came from with only dates, unsweetened coconut, almonds, cashews, extra-virgin coconut oil in the bar, perhaps from the cashews. It was good, just not my favorite.

Chocolate Cookie Dough Larabar didn’t taste 100% like cookie dough to me, of course cookie dough has LOTS of sugar and this little goodie doesn’t (the sweetness comes from dates and there is sugar in the chocolate chips). However it was sweet and pretty tasty! If you haven’t had sugar in a long time, then this would be very sweet. I loved the little pieces of nuts.

The one I saved to try last was their Jocalat line. I love coffee and they had a Chocolate Coffee bar. YUM! I can taste the coffee and the cocoa powder. This bar has just a touch of sweet, not a brownie sweet at all.

I wish they would send me more flavors to try!

You can get yours at:


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EcoJarz Stainless Steel Drink Top

I was browsing Facebook and saw these nifty drinking lids for jars. EcoJarz sent me a sample to try out in exchange for a product review. They also sent EXTRA so that I can GIVEAWAY a package to my readers! How awesome is that?!?!?

I tried the stainless steel lid and the stainless steel straw. The lid alone reminds me of a “sippy cup” for adults ;) I love the idea of being able to reuse glass jars for my “to go” drinks. Plus we know everything tastes best in glass. The lids have a seal so they don’t leak around the rim of the jars. They are also available in silicone and wide mouth options.

The straw is nice too. Eco friendly reusable stainless steel straw. I have COLD coffee and cream in my jar – to drink with the straw was a bit strange since the straw got very cold too. Not something that happens with plastic straws. EcoJarz does offer a cleaning brush for the straws.

I love these lids! This is an easy product to recommend!


The giveaway prize package will contain:

  • One Stainless Steel EcoJarz
  • One Silicone EcoJarz
  • One metal ring
  • One stainless steel straw

*Only open to USA Addresses

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Miracle Noodle Review

I received 2 samples from Miracle Noodle in exchange for a product review. I received a bag of Miracle Fettucine and a bag Miracle RicRinse well to get rid of the "fishy" odore to try. The company claims that these products have Zero Net Carbs, Zero Calories, & a Zero Glycemic Index. The listed ingredients are: water, glucomannan (soluble fiber), calcium additive.

I first tried the Miracle Rice in a chicken soup. It cooked a while and the Miracle Rice plumped up as they absorbed liquid. They didn’t have any taste of their own, but absorbed the flavors from the soup. It did seem more filling to have the Miracle Rice added. Miracle Noodles in my Cajun Chicken Alfredo

Just a warning…the liquid in the Miracle Noodles smells like fish…so pour into a strainer and rinse…that odor does go away and is nothing to worry about. Next I used the Miracle Fettucine to make a Cajun Chicken Alfredo. This time I simply drained the “pasta” and added to the sauce to warm them up. The texture wasn’t the best, but I think if I had let them cook a bit longer that would have helped. Again, they have no flavor on their own, and simply added more “bulk” to my meal.

Ordering Options:

*if you purchase using the links above I may earn a small commission. I appreciate your support.
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Chocolate Cheesecake

I love browsing pretty food pictures on Instagram. You can find me at

A few days ago I was browsing for fat fast recipes and found no bake cheesecake recipe. I decided to tweak it a bit and here is my recipe:


Melt the cream cheese and coconut oil in the microwave just until soft…20-30 seconds. Add the cocoa powder and stevia.

Notice the amounts – this is tiny ;) but oh so yummy!

*I linked to the products I used. If you purchase I do make a small commission. I appreciate your support.

*For more recipes, check out the Fat Fast Cookbook

The original recipe is here

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Fat Fast Cookbook: 50 Easy Recipes to Jump Start Your Low Carb Weight Loss

I received this eBook from in exchange for a review. The Fat Fast Cookbook was written by Dana Carpender, Amy Dungan, and Rebecca Latham.

I am one of those people that struggles to lose weight, even on a low carb diet. I wanted to try a Fat Fast to break a weight loss stall. There is a lot of information online, but I like that with the eBook everything you need to know is in one place.

Most online information will suggest cream cheese or macadamia nuts for a fat fast. This cookbook has various recipes that includes many more ingredient options. Who wants to eat just cream cheese for 3-5 days? Not me!

The book also explains WHY someone might want to try a fat fast, the history behind a fat fast, and the science behind how it works.

Currently the Fat Fast Cookbook is only $5.99

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Awaken: 30+ Egg Free and Grain Free Breakfasts

I received a copy of the eBook Awaken: 30+ Egg Free and Grain Free Breakfasts from Karen at Living Low Carb…One Day at a time. Karen follows a low carb and gluten free way of living.

I was impressed with this eBook  It gives you enough recipes to give you a jump start in thinking about other breakfast options. I also liked the substitution charts she has included. I will be saving this eBook to refer back to!

I’ve tried the pork sausage recipe – that was good and nice to know what was in it! The Raspberry and Cream “Oatmeal” was pretty good hot “cereal” option (has flax, chia, & coconut in it). I will make this again.

I also made the cinnamon cereal (a cold cereal option) out of the oven – YUM! Tastes wonderful with a splash of cream. For those that miss granola type cereal, this would work wonderfully. It would also be tasty on yogurt too.

You can see a sample of the book here

Ordering Options:

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7 Secrets to Feeling More Content and Happy

1 – Focus on what you DO have!

2 – Do NOT compare yourself with others! You are YOU!

3 – Think about where you’ve been and realize you have moved forward.

4 – SMILE!

5 – Do something for someone else. There really is more happiness in giving than receiving!

6 – Get Enough Rest – not just sleep, but un-plug for a while. Take a nice hot bath, read a good book, something that can relax you.

7 – Move your body – it’s a great stress reliever

Ok – they’re not secrets, but sometimes when we are feeling down or stressed we forget the simple things in life. Often it’s the simple things that can make us happy.

What’s your secret for being more content & happy?

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Update on Margaret Ropp

I haven’t written much lately, and I’m not sure why, oh wait…I am an expert at procrastination! :(

What’s new…I have tried some new fitness routines. P90X and ChaLEAN Extreme – both are DVD workouts that you can do at home. My daughter and I did the P90X program together – we didn’t complete the full 90 days, but stopped around day 70. It’s incredible how quickly you build strength with this program – IF – IF – IF you do the program and actually PUSH yourself! After a 2 week break we went to the gym to see what improvements we could see. For EACH machine, our weights we were able to life went up by 15-20 POUNDS! Amazing!

My goal now though is to focus on weight loss. So for me ChaLEAN Extreme is less intense and the workouts take about 1/2 the time. So I’m hoping I’m not as FAMISHED after working out. I am loving these workouts – they still are very effective and I feel soreness in  my muscles – a good kind of sore!

I like the workout so much that I became a Beachbody Coach. If you want more information about the workouts or perhaps you’re curious about being a coach, visit my Beachbody site!

I am also more focused my diet. They say fitness is 80% in the kitchen…so I’m focusing more on my diet. I’m choosing to go low carb. I love how I feel eating this way – and shucks, who doesn’t like bacon! If you want to see what I’m eating you can add me as a friend on where I track my food. My user name is mropp.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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Thermo-O by Aquaovo

I was thrilled to review a glass drinking container from aquaovo. I love to use Young Living Essential Oils to flavor my water, and plastic drinking containers just are not a good mix with essential oils. Glass however is wonderful!

I was surprised at how pretty this Therom-o bottle was. It has a larger opening which I love. It makes cleaning the bottle so much easier. It also allows a person to add sliced lemon, ice cubes, or other items and still be able to get them out of the jar. The jar also comes with a screen insert so that you can use loose tea, pour hot water over, and then remove for drinking. A great idea for tea drinkers. I personally didn’t use the screen.

They claim that since there is two layers, that you can use it for hot drinks too. So, I had to try it with my coffee. The jar gets a little warm, but definitely not hot. It was still comfortable to hold. My coffee didn’t stay as hot for as long as a traditional thermos, but it still kept it warm longer than just a coffee cup.

aquaovo also offers customization for these Therm-o containers. This would make a nifty promotional item. You can see samples of customization on their page here. Mine came with their company logo.

I truly love my Thermo-O jar and use it daily!

Aquaovo sent me a product sample in exchange for a review. The review however is mine.

Images were taken from aquaovo‘s website

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Book Review: Fire-Up Your Fat Burn! by Lori Shemek

Lori Shemek sent me a copy of her book for me to review. I was pleasantly surprised that a shorter ebook could contain so much useful information about weight loss strategies.

Lori  has a Doctorate in Psychology and has a Certification as a Nutritional Consultant and Life Coach. She is also the Health Expert for the ABC show GOOD MORNING TEXAS. Lori is also busy helping clients and others create weight loss success through radio shows, writing, and speaking.

From the book:

In life there are two things you can control:

  • How much you move your body
  • What and how much food you eat

I loved that, however sometimes we need to know where or how to start and that’s where this book comes in. Lori discusses some simple strategies and tips on what to eat and how to work out the most effectively. She gives some good examples of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack option ideas.  This helps people to see that good nutrition is not as complicated as we sometimes make it. It also makes a great starting point for ones that are new to “dieting” and has some nice ideas for those that are looking for new meal ideas.

Towards the end of the book is a nice page “Quick Tips to Fat Loss Success” that gives succinct bullet points of simple tips, some that we might overlook such as getting enough sleep.

I think this is a great starter book on nutrition and exercise. You can order your copy of Fire-Up Your Fat Burn! here at Amazon  for only $2.99 (prices are always subject to change)

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