Using Swag Bucks has allowed me to earn Amazon Gift Cards which I use to purchase gifts, items I need or want, or to give as gifts. Their program is very easy to use.

How to Earn Swag Bucks

  • Create a free Swag Bucks account (click here).
  • Daily log Into your account and click on Earn you can get one point for each of the following: Daily Polls, Trusted Surveys, NOSO
  • Use Swag Bucks to search. You get good search results, but you also can earn free Swag Bucks. Points are not given for each search, but are given randomly.
  • Install the tool bar. Each day you get a point when you open your browser, plus makes it easier to check for points, and search using Swag Bucks Search.
  • You can also set Swag Bucks as your homepage a reminder to earn points
  • Watch videos on Swag Bucks TV. When the meter reaches 100% you earn 3 points.
  • Share your referral link! You gets points if your friends join, you also earn points when they do.
  • Keep in the know Swag Bucks are on Facebook & Twitter. Plus they have a blog and newsletter.
  • Check out the deals on Swag Bucks if you buy from their shopping pages you can also earn points.

This program won’t earn you lots of money, but if you use their search engine and do some of the “tasks” the points add up.

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