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Welcome to my little space. I wanted a place to keep track of things I want to save regarding health and nutrition; recipe links, my eating diary, and a list of my favorite things. I hope to add product reviews also. Please be patient as I get this up and running.

One thing that fascinates me is how diet can affect the body. I personally feel best when eating a lower carb diet. Currently I’m doing a personal experiment with a ketogenic diet. For me that means my goal is less than 20 net carbs and less than 35 total carbs. I’ve kept a diary that I’ll be posting soon as a blog post.

This is not a recipe blog. I may post a few of my recipes, but there are so many sites that are already set up that way. If I try a recipe and think it’s worth sharing, I will, along with any tweaks I have personally made.

Diet can also affect the health of our pets, so I have a link at the top for Healthy Pets. The pet business I’m promoting is one that I’ve been with since 2003. I’ll share that story later 😉