Cinnamon Cereal

(Links will take you to places you can purchase the book and some of the ingredients. I may receive a small commission if you purchase using these links, but it won’t increase your costs.) I was given a copy of Awaken, 30+ Egg Free & Grain Free Breakfasts to review. It’s a smaller cookbook, but... Read More »

Turmeric Tea

My supervisor at work had a broken foot that didn’t heal properly. Her foot was so swollen she had to wear shoes that allowed the top of her foot to be open. She said that within 3 days of drinking turmeric tea the swelling was gone! Her recipe included honey, but I try to eat... Read More »

My First Attempt at Scotch Eggs

One of the biggest challenges when sticking to a diet is being prepared, especially if it’s a more restrictive diet. When eating low carb, or ketogenic, there is often not much available when you are out and about or at work, so I’m trying to make sure I bring food with me to work so... Read More »