Turmeric Tea

My supervisor at work had a broken foot that didn’t heal properly. Her foot was so swollen she had to wear shoes that allowed the top of her foot to be open. She said that within 3 days of drinking turmeric tea the swelling was gone! Her recipe included honey, but I try to eat a low carb/ketogenic diet so I used a different sweetener in mine. She also used lemon juice. I use apple cider vinegar because that’s what I had available.

This does require stirring while drinking or the powders will settle to the bottom.

Turmeric Tea

Place the turmeric, ginger, and pepper in a cup. Add hot water, cover and let sit for a few minutes. (I use my swell bottle for this) Then pour into a cup and add the rest of the ingredients, stir, and enjoy. Remember to stir as you drink to keep the powders suspended.

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